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Fulldiag tasklist for release 1.3

  • There was a problem with Hilbert space construction in some non-standard situations. Check if it is still there.
  • Use packed matrices if only eigenvalues are desired. Michael Graber from ETH Zurich is expected to help with that.
  • Add explanantion of TRANSLATION_SYMMETRY switch to documentation.
  • Document how to do measurements by specifying MEASURE_AVERAGE, MEASURE_LOCAL, MEASURE_CORRELATIONS in parameter file.
  • Improve documentation of conserved quantum numbers:
  • Model library: XML CONSTRAINT tag,
  • Parameter file: CONSERVED_QUANTITIES (other or more than "Sz").
  • Maybe a sparsediag tutorial (example: binding energy in a t-J model) illustrating the previous points is a good idea (-> Andreas Honecker)$nbsp;?
  • Add thermal expectation values of measured operators to fulldiag_evaluate (-> Andreas Honecker).