Setup and Installation (Applications)

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ALPS Library setup and installation documentation is on the separate page " Setup and Installation (Library)".


For downloading the ALPS-applications please visit our download page.


The ALPS Applications require the ALPS library, so you need to download and install a matching version of the library first. Additional libraries required by some of the applications are (some of them may be already installed on your system):

the linear programming package lp_solve (version 3.2 or 4.0 can be installed from ALPS server). The latest versions of lp_solve and more information can be found here. Just do

$ wget
$ tar zxf lp_solve_4.0.tar.gz
$ cd lp_solve_4.0
$ make

to setup lp_solve. Otherwise the SSE-binary will not be generated when using make. Depending on your version of bison there might be a compilation problem with lp_solve. To solve this problem, comment out line 17 "extern int yyleng" of the file lpglob.h.

  • For the sparse diagonalization program:

The BLAS (or ATLAS) and LAPACK libraries

  • For the full diagonalization program:

The BLAS (or ATLAS) and LAPACK libraries

  • For the classical Monte Carlo program:

The BLAS (or ATLAS) and LAPACK libraries

  • For the loop QMC program:

The BLAS (or ATLAS) and LAPACK libraries


For easy setup, we have provided a configure script. Just type

$ ./configure --prefix=ALPS_DIR

in the top directory of the ALPS Applications. ALPS_DIR is the directory where the ALPS library is installed (default is $HOME/ALPS). For all directories, please give the full path, starting from root. If certain libraries cannot be found, then the relevant applications will not be created when doing make (next step). The output of the configure scipt, indicates which applications will be generated when doing make (next step). Additional options can be specified to provide the paths to additonal optional libraries if the configure script cannot find them automatically:

--with-lp_solve=DIR specifies the place where the lp_solve library is installed. This is needed for the sse application.

The BLAS and LAPACK libraries need to be specified when configuring the ALPS libraries.

After configuration, just type

$ make

to build all the ALPS Applications and

$ make install

to install them into the same location as the ALPS library files. If you want to use the binary files from all locations in your file-system, then you will need to set the path to that directory.


Trouble? Please file a bug in our trac system ALPS trac or send an e-mail to the general mailing list!