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We are just starting on ALPS 2.0. Here is a short description of what you have to do to get started with it if you want to participate in the development:

Useful links for documentation

  • We have replaced our old CVS server with a 'subversion' version control system: Subversion.
  • ALPS uses the boost libraries boost for various auxiliary functions: parameters, matrices, data structures, ...
  • ALPS 2.0 will use the boost build system Boost.Build V2 instead of configure, make, and make install.
  • Doxygen is a documentation system that allows to generate source code documentation directly from the source code.

ALPS Library compilation with CMake on UNIX/Linux system

  • Checkout the ALPS source from svn. (See Getting started)
  • Download CMake version of boost libraries from [1].
  • Go to the build directory you choose and execute as follows:
$ cmake -D Boost_ROOT_DIR:PATH=/path/to/boost/root /path/to/alps/root