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Getting Started

You need:

  • A Subversion client with SSL support
    • (on Mac OS X you can use e.g.: fink install svn-client-ssl)
    • (in kubuntu use: sudo apt-get install subversion)
    • (you can also install subversion from the source:
 curl | tar zxf -
 cd subversion-1.3.2
 ./configure --with-ssl
 sudo make install
  • The boost libraries 1.35
    (presently this is the CVS head, go here for instructions how to access the CVS; during checkout use "boost" instead of "modulename")
  • Now build boost jam, where in the last line operating-system should be copied from the output of the build, $BINDIR is the directory where you want to install the executable:
 cd boost/tools/jam/src
 install bin.operating-system/bjam $BINDIR
  • Next, build the boost binaries, where in the last line we assume you use the GNU compiler. In other cases, checkout here for the right toolset
 cd boost/
 bjam --toolset=gcc stage