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Getting Started

You need:

 curl | tar zxf -
  (optional) curl | tar zxf -
 cd subversion-1.3.2
 ./configure --with-ssl
 sudo make install
  • The boost libraries 1.35
    (presently this is the CVS head, go here for instructions how to access the CVS; during checkout use "boost" instead of "modulename")
  • Now build boost jam, where in the last line operating-system should be copied from the output of the build, $BINDIR is the directory where you want to install the executable:
 cd boost/tools/jam/src
 (on MacOSX) install bin.operating-system/bjam $BINDIR
 (on Linux) cp bin.linuxx86/biam /usr/local/bin
  • (NOT NEEDED) Next, build the boost binaries, where in the last line we assume you use the GNU compiler. In other cases, checkout here for the right toolset
 cd boost/
 bjam --toolset=gcc stage
  • Now, you must apply for an account to the ALPS subversion repository. Send your request via email to Emanuel Gull. After an account has been created for you (usually, Emanuel is very fast in doing so...), change your password here.
  • You are now in the position to get the latest ALPS V1 svn-head, by using
 svn co --username your_user_name
 svn co --username your_user_name
  • You may get the test repository:
 svn co --username your_user_name
  • Setup BOOST_ROOT environment variable and user-config.jam
$ export BOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost/directory
$ cat $HOME/user-config.jam
using gcc ; # on linux
using intel ; # on linux icc
using darwin ; # on MacOS
# The following leads to double definitions of the alps project; therefore I commented it out: 
# use-project alps : /path/to/alps/directory ;
  • Then you can compile alps
$ cd /path/to/alps/directory
$ bjam
$ cd $HOME
$ cvs co -P doxygen
$ cd doxygen
$ ./configure
$ make
$ cp doxy* $BINDIR

where $BINDIR is your directory with executables.

  • You have already downloaded Boostbook and you just have to run the setup script.
$ cd path/to/boost/tools/boostbook
$ sh
  • you are ready now to install the ALPS documentation,
$ cd doc
$ bjam 

To be continued...