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(bjam setting)
(bjam setting)
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== bjam setting ==
== bjam setting ==
  $ export BOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost/directory
   $ cat $HOME/user-config.jam
   $ cat $HOME/user-config.jam
  path-constant BOOST_ROOT : /path/to/boost ;
   using gcc ; # on linux
   using gcc ; # on linux
   using darwin ; # on MacOS
   using darwin ; # on MacOS
   use-project alps : /path/to/alps ;
   use-project alps : /path/to/alps/directory ;

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8th ALPS Developer Workshop, June 8-11, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


The next ALPS developer workshop will be held on Friday - Monday, June 8 to June 11, on the Hönggerberg campus of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland (http://www.ethz.ch).

The meeting room will be Paulizimmer on HPZ E floor (preliminary) in the Institute for Theoretical Physics, the building HPZ.

Travel to Zurich

Zurich is well connected to the national and international railway system. Timetables can be found on: http://www.sbb.ch/en/index.htm Hönggerberg campus can be reached by various busses, please check our local bus schedule.

Hönggerberg campus is only a 5 minutes train ride and 10 minutes bus ride away from Zurich International Airport and about 25 minutes away from Zurich main station.

  • From the airport, you take the train to `Oerlikon' station and then take the bus No. 80 at the bus stop `Bahnhof Oerlikon Nord' and get off at the bus stop `ETH Hönggerberg'.
  • From the main station, take the street car No. 11 to `Bucheggplatz' and there switch to the bus No. 69 and keep aboard until its final stop at `ETH Hönggerberg'. Probably this is the shortest among the several paths between the main station and Hönggerberg campus.

More detailed instructions on how to reach Hönggerberg campus are available on the ETH webpage in German (same in English)

Once there, you will have to find building HPZ. From the bus stops located between the buildings HIL and HPI, first you pass the building HCI on your right and turn to the left in front of a wide conference-center-looking building called HPH. Then approach the ponds in the middle of the campus. Now you will see on your right a high building with some radars on top of it. That is the building HPP and the wanted HPZ is located before HPP from your position.


Please contact us if you need some information about the nearby hotels. We are keeping several single-room bookings at Hotel Sunnehus so that you can easily find where to stay and pay for yourself. We have the ETH discount rate. As another option, we can also offer a limited number of local people's places for you to stay in case you would prefer to save your travel money. If you consider of taking one of the last two options, please contact with the plan for your stay early so that we can do the necessary arrangements in time.

Because the workshop is now about to come, we have closed the above options for the accomodation.


There was no participation fee at the early stage pf the plan, however now we are considering of organizing a conference dinner on Saturday evening and we would like to ask each of you to pay CHF 100 as the participation fee for that. The fee will also cover the expenses for the beverages that will be supplied during the meetings. The lodging and other food expenses also have to be covered by the participants.

Workshop Program


  • Arrival


morning (9:00 ---)

  • discussions on the overall agenda

lunch at Restaurant Limmatberg at 13:00


dinner at Restaurant Die Waid at 19:30



lunch break (no plan yet)


dinner (no plan yet)


  • Departure

Topics to be discussed (open list)

The scope of the workshop will be to actually start ALPS 2.0, with a focus on

  • coding
    • getting the repository set up
    • getting the build system set up
    • getting the documentation system set up
    • getting the regression tests set up
  • discussion
    • fundamental libraries
    • file formats
    • archiving
    • application tests
    • new features

Entertainment Program

Openair Zuerich


Participants (as of 01/06/2007)

  • Matthias Troyer
  • Emanuel Gull
  • Philippe Corboz
  • Lode Pollet
  • Munehisa Matsumoto
  • Lukas Gamper
  • Ryo Igarashi
  • Andreas Läuchli
  • Synge Todo
  • Salvatore Manmana
  • Andreas Honecker
  • A. Fabricio Albuquerque
  • Stefan Wessel
  • Ian McCulloch
  • Reinhard Noack
  • Leonildo Tincani
  • Ulrich Schollwöck
  • Xiaoxuan Huang

Please edit and add yourself!! If you do not have an account (check here), please contact Munehisa.

Meeting Notes

bjam setting

 $ export BOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost/directory
 $ cat $HOME/user-config.jam
 using gcc ; # on linux
 using darwin ; # on MacOS
 use-project alps : /path/to/alps/directory ;