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Location: Frankfurt Airport

General comments on necessity for meeting, location, etc.

  • RN: I think a meeting would be useful to finalize the project list.
  • RN: It seems that, unfortunately, the only possible day of the week is Sat. (sorry Stefan!)
  • RN: We should probably try to get the first draft of the 1-page project sketches done before the meeting.

Preferred date

  • June 14 (Sat)
    can: RN, TP, AH, MT, FA (as early as possible!)
    can't: (hopefully not too many)
  • one of the very few dates that Matthias could make it
  • probably starting mid-afternoon, depending on longest travel schedule
  • possible locations (reachable from Zürich):
  • Frankfurt airport (only possible with train and/or overnight stay)
  • Stuttgart (only 3 hours from Zürich)
  • Köln/Bonn airport (cheap direct flights from Zürich, return on same day possible)
seems to be very bad for AH, TP, SW, FA

Possible dates

Please indicate when you definitely can or can't make it

  • May 7 (Wed)
    can: AH, EJ, FA
    can't: RN*, SW, US, TP
  • May 13 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ, FA, SW
    can't: AH*, TP
  • May 17 (Sat)
    can: RN, FA, AH, EJ
    can't: SW
  • May 20 (Tue)
    can: AH
    can't: RN, EJ, SW
  • May 27 (Tue)
    can't: RN
  • June 3 (Tue)
    can: RN
    can't: AH*, EJ, FA, SW
  • June 10 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ
    can't: AH*, FA, SW
  • June 14 (Sat)
    can: RN, MT, AH, TP, EJ
  • June 17 (Tue)
    can: RN, FA
    can't: EJ, SW
  • June 24 (Tue)
    can: RN,
    can't: EJ, SW
    Not clear. FA
  • July 1 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ, FA
    can't: SW

(or suggest another date)

* = could possibly rearrange schedule

Weekday constraints

  • Mon
    can: SW
    can't: RN*, AH**
  • Tues
    can: RN
    can't: AH**, SW
  • Wed
    can: AH, SW
    can't: RN*
  • Thurs
    can: SW
    can't: RN*
  • Fri
    can: SW
    can't: RN, AH
  • Sat
    can: RN, AH, EJ
    can't: SW

EJ: I have constraints every weekday but only biweekly or irregularly so it might be possible during some weeks. FA: I am rather flexible.

** = not good in general, but might be possible during certain weeks