DMFT: Usage notes

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  • Remark on bipartite lattices: the ANTIFERROMAGNET option does assume a Neel-like ordering and requires thus a bipartite lattice. Note that on a bipartite lattice the density of states is symmetric (unless you apply a global potential shift).
  • Since revision 6217, if you provide the DOSFILE or if you use TWODBS and if none of the parameters EPS_i, EPSSQ_i, EPSSQAV is set, then the EPS_i will be set to the first moment of the normalized DOS (in case of TWODBS: 0) and the EPSSQ_i and EPSSQAV will be set to the second moment of the normalized DOS using the provided density of states (in case of TWODBS: using the hard-coded values).
  • Since revision 6217 you may use TWODBS="hexagonal" to simulate the 2-dimensional hexagonal lattice (nearest-neighbor hoppings only). If you use TWODBS with other value, square lattice is assumed.