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How-to Tutorials

How to use the libraries

  • of libraries
  • How to for libraries, e.g. how to do MC based on ALPS
  • How to use lattice library in a code
  • Usage scenarios of lattice library
  • How to use the model library in a code
  • How to use the scheduler in a code
  • Overview
  • Descriptor = XML contents, unify naming

How to use XML

  • XML introduction
  • How to define a graph
  • How to define the lattice
  • How to define the model
  • How to define ranges
  • Expression grammar

How to use the codes

  • documentation of applications
  • scheduler
  • MC
  • measurements in QMC
  • parameters for QMC
  • general parameters
  • frustration
  • self-contained codes docs (with links)
  • 3xQMC
  • QWL
  • DMRG
  • 2xDIAG

Hands-on tutorials

  • how to calculate chi(T), M(H), CV, energy, correlations
  • triplet dispersion
  • structure factor
  • experimentalist's questions
  • theoretician's questions to the mailing list
  • technical hints: FSS, equilibration, ...

Book tutorials

  • spin ladders: gap, correlation length, S(q,omega)
  • 2D square lattice QHBAFM: ground state $amp; finite T: m, \rho_s, ...
  • 2D XY: classical and quantum helicity modulus, correlation length
  • (1+1)-D KT: J1-J2 by ED $amp; level spectroscopy
  • 1D fermions: t-J: Luttinger parameter
  • 2D fermions: pair binding from energy
  • Haldane gap: S=1 and S=2 gap, correlation length, S(q,omega)
  • classical criticality 2D Ising, 3D Ising, 3D XY, FSS
  • quantum criticality 2D bilayer QHBAFM
  • 2D XXZ spin flop transition
  • trapped bosons: 1D, 2D, 3D density profiles
  • magnetization plateaux
  • frustrated spin physics
  • quantum sine Gordon: staggered field on frustrated spin chains
  • t-J and Hubbard ladders by ED $amp; DMRG
  • staggered flux
  • frustrated magnets by ED: order of triangular lattice tower of states
  • spin ladder and Shastry-Sutherland by dimer expansion
  • fits of models to experiments \chi(T), M(H), S(q,\omega), Cv
  • high-T series for fits
  • DMFT
  • 2D Hubbard model at half filling
  • attractive-U 2D Hubbard model
  • phase transitions in 1D spin chains by level crossing
  • lattice supersolids
  • disorder: spin glasses

advanced topics

  • exotic phases
  • time dependence: spin charge
  • 2D fermions
  • 2D frustrated spins: Kagome
  • 3D frustrated spins: pyrochlores by 3D DMRG and by QMC
  • dynamics
  • non-equilibrium
  • materials
  • electronic structure beyond DFT+HF
  • disorder
  • impurities
  • quantum spin glasses beyond transverse field Ising