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ALPS/DMFT workshop, December 7-9, 2006, Göttingen

Venue, arrival information

This workshop will be held at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Göttingen University (consult e.g. if you are still uncertain how to reach Göttingen). General information how to reach the physics department is provided here. The workshop will start on Thursday afternoon in room C1.101. To reach this room, enter the building at "Pförtner" (indicated on the map below), get to the first floor, and turn right into the direction "Dekanat und Geschäftsstelle" - room C1.101 is about 30m in this direction. On Friday and Saturday, the workshop will take place in Room A3.101 (SR 3).

Rooms are booked for participants either in the Hotel Kasseler Hof (less than 1km from the main railway station - see map). or the Hotel Stadt Hannover (about 200m from the main railway station - see map).

If you are using public transport, the most convenient connection to the physics department is bus number 12 in the direction "Holtenser Berg". The simplest way to board the bus is the stop "Bahnhof D" at the main bus terminal in front of the railway station, where it leaves every 30 minutes (usually 3 and 33 minutes past the hour, see timetable of bus 12). You should get off at the stop "Goldschmidtstraße" which is indicated on the following map:

Physics department of Göttingen university


A small program with a few scientific presentations related primarily to DMFT and ALPS will be combined with a discussion of implementation issues of DMFT (e.g. Hamiltonian-based impurity solvers such as DMRG and NRG).

Tentative schedule

official program: Thursday, December 7, 15:00 - Saturday, December 9, 13:00

Thursday, December 7:

Friday, December 8:

  • morning: discussion about issues of Hamiltonian-based impurity solvers
  • afternoon: scientific talks (SFB 602 colloquium):
  • 14:15 Michael Potthoff, Nonperturbative conserving approximations for systems of strongly correlated electrons
  • 15:10 Ulrich Schollwöck, Recent trends in Density Matrix Renormalization
  • 16:00 coffee break
  • 16:30 Emanuel Gull, Performance analysis of continuous-time solvers for quantum impurity models
  • 17:10 Frithjof Anders, Dynamical Mean Field Theory and Numerical Renormalization Group at Finite Temperature: Prospects and Challenges
  • evening: dinner with all participants of the workshop

Saturday, December 9:

  • morning: definition of ALPS DMFT specifications
  • estimated closing time: 13:00
  • afternoon: depending on interest e.g. sightseeing in Göttingen


If you wish to participate and have not already informed us, please send the following information to (as soon as possible but not later than October 27, 2006):

Confirmed Participants

(as of December 5, 2006)

  • Frithjof Anders (Bremen)
  • Sebastian Fuchs (Göttingen)
  • Emanuel Gull (ETH Zürich)
  • Andreas Honecker (Göttingen)
  • Hunpyo Lee (Bonn)
  • Gang Li (Bonn)
  • Munehisa Matsumoto (ETH Zürich)
  • Reinhard Noack (Marburg)
  • Robert Peters (Göttingen)
  • Michael Potthoff (Würzburg)
  • Thomas Pruschke (Göttingen)
  • Ulrich Schollwöck (Aachen)

Meeting Notes

Financial Support

Partial financial support will be provided by the SFB 602        Sfb602-logo.jpg


Andreas Honecker ( and Thomas Pruscke (