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Meeting Notes

Location: Frankfurt Airport

General comments on necessity for meeting, location, etc.

  • RN: I think a meeting would be useful to finalize the project list.
  • RN: It seems that, unfortunately, the only possible day of the week is Sat. (sorry Stefan!)
  • RN: We should probably try to get the first draft of the 1-page project sketches done before the meeting.


  • June 14 (Sat)
    can: RN, TP, AH, MT, FA (as early as possible!), US, EJ, SW (Stuttgart and Frankfurt ok), AL
    can't: PW (in U.S. anyway)
    Proposed starting times - which do you prefer?
  • 12:00 - RN
  • 13:00 - AL
  • Comments:
  • one of the very few dates that Matthias could make it
  • possible locations (reachable from Zürich):
  • Frankfurt airport (only possible with train and/or overnight stay)
RN: I think Frankfurt Airport is the only real possibility
  • Stuttgart (only 3 hours from Zürich)
  • Köln/Bonn airport (cheap direct flights from Zürich, return on same day possible)
seems to be very bad for AH, TP, SW, FA