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This information is outdated. Bela needs to edit it.

This is the System operator's quick guide to ALPS Server / Wiki / Bugzilla / SVN / Tinderbox

ALPS is run on an intel Mac Mini using the following software:

  • Apache 2.0 in /apache2
    • With a perl module in /apache2/modules.
    • With a PHP module in /apache2/modules. PHP is version 5, custom build.
    • The httpd config file resides in /apache2/conf/httpd.conf (NOT at /etc/httpd.conf)
    • With a compiled-in mod_ssl for ssl access

Perl is required for bugzilla. PHP is used for various scripts, among them the Wiki

  • Mediawiki. At the moment version 1.9.3 installed in the Web server path at /Library/WebServer/Documents/alps/. You're using it right now.
  • Bugzilla. Bugzilla is installed at /Library/WebServer/Documents/alps/bugzilla
    • Bugzilla needs a working sendmail on the machine.
  • Mysql. Mysql is version 5 - not the one included in OSX. check /usr/local/bin as well as the mysql control panel (not the mysql admin app that starts osx' own mysql 4.0).
  • Tinderbox is not running right now.
  • For the SVN access: check the httpd.conf for webdav entries. the svn repository is at /svn/ with entries for alps and applications. Access is restricted to users who are in a passwd file at /apache2/passwd. In order to add a new user to that file type /apache2/bin/htpasswd -b /apache2/passwd username password and send your user to to change the password.
  • After changing the httpd.conf you need to check the syntax of the file with /apache2/bin/apachectl -t. Once it is ok you can restart the server using /apache2/bin/apachectl restart.