Installing via Conda installer

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Conda is an open source package management system and environment management system for installing multiple versions of software packages and their dependencies and switching easily between them. It works on Linux, OS X and Windows, and was created for Python programs but can package and distribute any software.

Conda-Forge is a community led collection of recipes, build infrastructure and distributions for the conda package manager.

Install Conda

The Conda system is contained in the Miniconda installer, which is available for most platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows 32 and 64 bits) and can easily be installed via binary installers even without administrator permissions.

Please refer to the official Conda documentation for up-to-date installation instructions.

Install ALPS with Conda

Installing ALPS just requires two steps: 1) Add the conda-forge channel, 2) install the alps package.

conda config --add channels conda-forge 
conda install alps

The current alps package on Conda is: