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News in 2007

News in 2006

News in 2005

  • April 17-19: The 5th ALPS developer's workshop takes place in Aachen.
  • March 7: Invited talk on the ALPS project by Simon Trebst at the 2005 Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society , Berlin

News in 2004

  • November 23: Grzegorz Pawlowski prepared a special "live-CD" Linux distribution with ALPS pre-installed. cdALPS is a modified ClusterKnoppix, distribution ready to use on clusters and single workstations.
  • November 18: Release of version 1.2.2 of the ALPS applications and libraries implementing suggestions of the Lugano workshop:
  • Support for frustrated spin and boson systems in the quantum Monte Carlo applications
  • Added an evaluation program to the fulldiag application, allowing to make plots for the whole range of temperatures and fields after a single run of the fulldiag program.
  • Added an extended ensemble QMC program, implementing the quantum version of the Wang-Landau algorithm for Heisenberg spin systems
  • Added support for spins of different size to the classical Monte Carlo program
  • October 18: publication of the ALPS paper.
  • September 26 - October 1: First ALPS User Workshop was held in Lugano (Switzerland).
  • March 23: Invited talk on the ALPS project by Simon Trebst at the 2004 APS March meeting, Montreal
  • March 21: Release of version 1.0 of the ALPS applications and libraries