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PDF versions of lectures

Lecture 1 [Oct. 28]: Hartree and Hartree-Fock methods, Density function theory (DFT) File:Lecture1.pdf

Lecture 2 [Nov. 7, 15:00 HIT K 52]: Different approximation for exchange correlation potential: LDA, LSDA, GGA; LDA+U, LDA+DMFT

Lecture 3: Applications of DFT:

PDF versions of tutorials

Practice 1 [Nov. 5, 9:00 HIT K 52]:

Input and output files for the tutorial

Main input file

LDA: Starting CTRL file, SCF CTRL, SCF out-file

LDA+U: Starting CTRL file, SCF CTRL, SCF out-file

Orbital plotting: Maple input file

Books for reading

1. R.G. Parr and W. Yang “Density-functional theory of atoms and molecules”, New York (1989) File:Parr.djvu