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  • looper


  • KT transition in 2D quantum XY model
  • Susuceptibility and specific heat of S=1/2 chain, S=1/2 ladder, S=1 chain
  • Staggered magnetization of 2D square lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet at T=0
  • Quantum phase transition in 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnet (bilayer, coupled dimerized S=1/2 chains, coupled S=1 chains ?)
  • Estimation of the gap and correlation length of S=1 and 2 Haldane chain
  • Kagome antiferromagnet to demonstrate how the sign problem is awful
  • 1d antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain in a magnetic field to demonstrate that the loop gets inefficient rapidly in such a case
  • [Calculation of Reny entropy for 1D and 2D Heisenberg model?]