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8th ALPS Developer Workshop, June 8-11, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


The next ALPS developer workshop will be held on Friday - Monday, June 8 to June 11, on the Hönggerberg campus of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland (

Detailed instructions on how to reach Hönggerberg campus are available on the ETH webpage in German (same in English)Once there, you will have to find building HPZ.

The meeting room will be Paulizimmer on HPZ E floor (preliminary).

Travel to Zurich

Zurich is well connected to the national and international railway system. Timetables can be found on: Hönggerberg campus can be reached by various busses, please check our local bus schedule.

Hönggerberg campus is only a 5 minutes train ride and 10 minutes bus ride away from Zurich International Airport and about 25 minutes away from Zurich main station.


Please contact us.


There is no participation fee for now, however the lodging and food expenses have to be covered by the participants.

Workshop Program


  • Arrival




  • Departure

Topics to be discussed (open list)

The scope of the workshop will be to actually start ALPS 2.0, with a focus on

  • coding
    • getting the repository set up
    • getting the build system set up
    • getting the documentation system set up
    • getting the regression tests set up
  • discussion
    • fundamental libraries
    • file formats
    • archiving
    • application tests
    • new features

Entertainment Program

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Participants (as of 11/04/2007)

  • Matthias Troyer
  • Emanuel Gull
  • Philippe Corboz
  • Lode Pollet
  • Munehisa Matsumoto

Please edit and add yourself!! If you have no account, please contact Emanuel

Meeting Notes