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  1. Detailed subject/title
  2. List of participants
  3. More detailed sketch of subject/overall proposal (~10 pages)
    points III.3 a)-f) of guidelines:
    a) relevance, topicality, objectives
    b) qualifications, preliminary work, participation
    c) benefits/structure of collaboration/justification of location
    d) communication (network, other, technology)
    e) integration/promotion of young researchers
    f) expected key results (short-medium term, long-term)
  4. List of individual projects
    • Subject/title
    • Participants
    • 1-2 page summary
  5. Information on project leaders
    • CV
    • Publications (last 5 years), relevant ones marked
    • Preliminary work
  6. Differentiation from existings SFBs, FGs, SPPs, GCs, ...