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Lists of potential topics and projects (brainstorming)

Method-oriented topics (from RN)


  • Nonequilibrium Dynamics
  • Linear response dynamics (DDMRG++)
  • Impurity Problems
  • Adding new quantum information algorithms
    • strings
    • MPS (e.g., for PBCs)
    • stochastic evaluations of above states
  • Quantum chemical and related problems


  • Equilibrium dynamics - adding to existing algorithms
  • Analytic continuation (MaxEnt++)
  • Nonequilibrium steady-state
  • Algorithms for Impurity Problems (Rubtsov, Werner, etc.)

Application-oriented topics (from RN)

  • DMFT solvers
  • Cold atoms on optical lattices
  • Transport through nanostructures
  • Photoemmission/n-scattering/optical conductivity experiments
  • Time-resolved (nonlinear) optical experiments

Problem-oriented topics (discussion)

(algorithmic challenges)

  • Impurity/Cluster solvers
    • bosonic impurities and/or baths
    • clusters
      • spin systems
  • Nonequilibrium dynamics
  • Spectral functions

Projects (discussion)

  • Cluster methods for spin systems
    (Goettingen:TP & AH, Stuttgart:SW)
  • Bosonic & fermionic baths
    (Wuerzburg, Zuerich:MT & PW, Goettingen:TP)
  • Cluster impurity solvers with DMRG
    (Aachen, Marburg, Hannover, Goettingen)
    (more than one project?)
  • Multiorbital/chain impurity solvers w/ DMRG (MPS)
    (Marburg, Hannover, Aachen)
  • DDMRG++
    (Hannover, Marburg, Aachen)
  • 2D DMRG (PEPS, etc.)
    (Hannover, Aachen, Marburg, Zuerich)
  • QMC methods for real-time dynamics
    (Zuerich, Goettingen, Stuttgart, Wuerzburg)
  • Cluster methods for properties of materials
    (Zuerich, Wuerzburg, Goettingen, Aachen)
  • Thermodynamics of many-body problems (QMC+DMFT)->cold atoms
  • QMC nonequilibrium steady-state for impurity transport
    (Stuttgart, Wuerzburg)
  • Coupled spinful impurities with long-range interaction

Challenges (discussion)

  • high-risk/high return projects
  • grand computational challenges