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Before we can start writing the proposal, we need to work more on (re)defining and fleshing out the project list. It is probably good to have 7 or 8 rather than 9 or 10 projects, and it would help to have more concrete names and a little description of each project.

Proposals for New Title

(Vote for one, add a new one, or comment!)

  • Novel Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
  • Advanced Numerics for Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
  • Advanced Computational Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems


  • "Quantum Impuries and Clusters" seems too specific and does not encompass all projects
  • "Dynamics" also does not fit all projects
  • Dieter Vollhardt is putting together a Forschergruppe whose subject is LDA+DMFT with proposed title "Realistic Dynamics of Correlated Electron Materials": although there is not so much overlap with ours in subject and projects, we need to distinguish ourselves from this proposal, especially in the title.


  • AH: I prefer the "advanced" (for me, "novel" has connotations which might be good to avoid).
  • TP: I agree with Andreas. "Advanced" is better for various reasons
  • EJ: I agree that "Advanced" is better than "Novel" but I do not like "numerics". I would prefer "Advanced Numerical Methods for ...", "Advanced Computational Methods for .." or "Advanced Simulations for ..."
  • AH: We are improving things - I think the third (new) version is the best one.

Revised Project List

(Please give your input here, and add a 2 or 3 line description of the content of each project)

  1. Cluster methods for spin systems (TP & AH)
    (Göttingen:TP & AH, Stuttgart:SW)
    1 PD (Gö) + 1 PhD (St) = 1.75
    Outline: Step 1: Set up a cluster dynamical mean-field framework for (frustrated) spin systems. Step 2: Test solution with an ED impurity solver (frustrated systems are expected to yield a sign problem). Step 3: Work on QMC impurity solver(s). Go back to step 1 whenever necessary.
  2. Bosonic & fermionic baths (FA)
    (Wuerzburg, Zuerich:MT & PW, Goettingen:TP)
    2 PhD (Wü & Gö & Zü) = 1.5
  3. Cluster impurity solvers with DMRG (US,RN,EJ)
    (Aachen, Marburg, Hannover, Göttingen)
    2 PD + 1 PhD = 2.75
    • Multiorbital
    • Multichain (e.g., differentiated bath discretization)
    • Clusters for DCA, etc.
    • Old 3. and 4. consolidated into one project (RN)
    • Uli, please add feedback! (RN & EJ)
  4. Development of DMRG for dynamical response (RN & EJ)
    (Marburg, Hannover, Aachen)
    2 PhD (Ma + Ha) = 1.5
    • Nonlinear reponse
    • Intermarriage of DDMRG and t-DMRG (especially for long-time response or steady state)
    • Low, but finite temperatures
    • TP & AH: Reinhard has to be project leader in at least one project as speaker. We suggest this one, or if Uli is content the previous.
    • formerly 5. DDMRG++ (EJ & RN)
    • Goettingen definitely is interested here, too (not necessarily requesting resources, though)
  5. 2D DMRG (PEPS, etc.) (MT)
    (Hannover, Aachen, Marburg, Zürich)
    1 PhD = 0.75
  6. QMC methods for real-time dynamics (MT[PW])
    (Zürich, Göttingen, Stuttgart, Würzburg)
    1 PD? = 1
  7. Dynamics of impurities with long-range interaction (SW)
    (Stuttgart, Würzburg)
    1 PhD = 0.75
    • Stefan: can this project be absorbed into another one, e.g., 2.?
    • SW: This project was not mainly focused on methods improvements, and was based on a previous working title for the forschergruppe. It could be absorbed into project 1 to some extend. That would be ok for me.
  • QMC nonequilibrium steady-state for impurity transport (AM)
    (Stuttgart, Würzburg)
    1 PhD = 0.75
    • AM suggests to withdraw this project