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(Possible dates)
(Possible dates)
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* June 14 (Sat)
* June 14 (Sat)
*: can: RN, MT, AH, TP
*: can: RN, MT, AH, TP, EJ
* June 17 (Tue)
* June 17 (Tue)

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Location: Frankfurt Airport

General comments on necessity for meeting, location, etc.

  • RN: I think a meeting would be useful to finalize the project list.

Possible dates

Please indicate when you definitely can or can't make it

  • May 7 (Wed)
    can: AH, EJ, FA
    can't: RN*, SW, US, TP
  • May 13 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ, FA, SW
    can't: AH*, TP
  • May 17 (Sat)
    can: RN, FA, AH, EJ
    can't: SW
  • May 20 (Tue)
    can: AH
    can't: RN, EJ, SW
  • May 27 (Tue)
    can't: RN
  • June 3 (Tue)
    can: RN
    can't: AH*, EJ, FA, SW
  • June 10 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ
    can't: AH*, FA, SW
  • June 14 (Sat)
    can: RN, MT, AH, TP, EJ
  • June 17 (Tue)
    can: RN, FA
    can't: EJ, SW
  • June 24 (Tue)
    can: RN,
    can't: EJ, SW
    Not clear. FA
  • July 1 (Tue)
    can: RN, EJ, FA
    can't: SW

(or suggest another date)

* = could possibly rearrange schedule

Weekday constraints

  • Mon
    can: SW
    can't: RN*, AH**
  • Tues
    can: RN
    can't: AH**, SW
  • Wed
    can: AH, SW
    can't: RN*
  • Thurs
    can: SW
    can't: RN*
  • Fri
    can: SW
    can't: RN, AH
  • Sat
    can: RN, AH, EJ
    can't: SW

EJ: I have constraints every weekday but only biweekly or irregularly so it might be possible during some weeks. FA: I am rather flexible.

** = not good in general, but might be possible during certain weeks