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The most recent image is: [[liveALPS-2.0.0-r2.iso]] [[http://alps.comp-phys.org/static/software/LiveALPS/liveALPS-2.0.0-r2.iso |(temporary link)]] (Nov 10, 2010), remastering of KNOPPIX-ADRIANE_V6.2.1CD-2010-01-30-EN.iso ([[knoppix-cheatcodes|knoppix-cheatcodes]]).  
The most recent image is: [http://alps.comp-phys.org/static/software/LiveALPS/liveALPS-2.0.0-r2.iso |liveALPS-2.0.0-r2.iso] (Nov 10, 2010), remastering of KNOPPIX-ADRIANE_V6.2.1CD-2010-01-30-EN.iso ([[knoppix-cheatcodes|knoppix-cheatcodes]]).  

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Screenshot of liveALPS 2.0

LiveALPS is a Linux distribution based on remastered Knoppix with ALPS project preinstalled. The live distribution is ready to use on a PC without special configuration. It works under graphical mode using very efficient LXDE interface. Using Vistrails program you can run simulations or numerical calculations from tutorials and write your own projects.


USB Flash Disk (recommended)

To run live ALPS from USB disk you need minimum 1.2 GB USB Flash disk (recommended 4 GB or larger), the ISO image saved on your hard disk and the Installer file.

Installation under Windows:

  • Download installer here [| (temporary link)] (related information in Pendrivelinux [[1]]) and run it: choose ISO file and the USB Flash Disk label (be careful, flash disk will be formated(!)).
  • Reboot your PC and set 'Boot Menu' to boot from the USB device.
  • Use prompt command like boot: knoppix screen=1280x1024, to go directly to the graphical interface (you can choose different resolution).
  • Personalization (optional): the live distribution is write-protected, but you can use the rest of flash memory space to store personal and configuration data in an internal folder. Enter the maximum free disk space in MB (this operation will not be repeated more). You can encrypt this folder also. The live system will save automatically each changes (e.g. /home/knoppix in /KNOPPIX_DATA/home/knoppix) without you effort, and works like stationary one!
    Note 1. It is strongly recommended to use boot: knoppix secure option also, to disable root (of Knoppix) access to the PC in the case of usual use of liveALPS. Read more on knoppix-cheatcodes.
    Note 2. After configuration (first run) do not use the same flash drive on two different machines, it can produce some errors as a consequence of reconfiguration.

Virtual system

Another easy (and secure) way to run the liveALPS is to use ISO file as a DVD and run it under virtual machine. You can prepare a new virtual hard disk to store personal data.

Boot from DVD

You can run bootable liveALPS directly from DVD (1.4GB or 4.7GB). In this case you should have optimally 512 MB RAM.


The most recent image is: |liveALPS-2.0.0-r2.iso (Nov 10, 2010), remastering of KNOPPIX-ADRIANE_V6.2.1CD-2010-01-30-EN.iso (knoppix-cheatcodes).


  • size: 1,191,634,944 (1.1 GB)
  • Md5 Sum: bc3697e0158f19348b7c426917520490
  • system: Linux Microknoppix (on Debian GNU/Linux) with kernel
  • ALPS release: 2.0.0b4
  • ALPS applications 2.0.0b4 (e.g. spinmc, loop, see, worm, qwl, fulldiag, sparsediag, simple_dmrg, dmft)