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Notes of the Moorea Workshop


  • Sunday
    • Morning Session: Introduction & Petaflop challenges
    • Afternoon: Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Monday
    • Morning Session: DMRG
    • Afternoon Session: ED & Series Expansion
  • Tuesday
    • Morning Session: Tensor network states
    • Afternoon Session: Excursion
  • Wednesday
    • Morning Session: Provenance
    • Afternoon Session: DMFT
  • Thursday
    • Morning Session: Applications
    • Afternoon: Report writing

The Review

The subversion repository for the review is available at

If you already have an ALPS Subversion repository account, you can continue using this username/password. Otherwise, go to [] and follow instructions there. If any problems occur with the repository, contact me at A short description of what Subversion does can be found at ALPS_subversion_for_dummies.

The outline of the review and the assignment of section authors is as follows:

1. Introduction
1.1 Stuff we didn't discuss
2. Methods
2.1 ED (Didier & Andreas)
2.2 Series (Rajiv & Simon)
2.3 DMRG & MPS (Adrien & Ian & Uli)
2.4 Higher-Dimensional Tensor Network States (Guifre, Tomotoshi, Valentin, Bela)
2.5 Monte Carlo Methods: World Line QMC (Matthias, Synge, Boris)
2.6 VMC (Fredrico?)
2.7 Fermionic QMC (Matthias, Thomas, Boris)
2.8 Extended Ensembles
2.X DMFT (Emanuel)
2.9 Data analysis (Synge, Kolya, Matthias)
   -> techniques for 2nd order transitions (Synge)
   -> advanced methods (Kolya)
3. Provenance
3.1 Introduction (Claudio & Juliana)
3.X Provenance for quantum simulations
4. Application challenges at the petascale (Birgitta)
5. The Next Generation Of Quantum Simulations
What do we want to write? Review the reviews.
- Short introduction: basic idea (entanglement, tensor network)
- Various methods: PEPS, MERA, TPS, TERG, ...
- Which models can be studied? Limitations of the method? (state of the art)
- Scaling on big machines
- Which hardware is recommended?


Sunday, May 3rd

Monday, May 4th

Tuesday, May 5th

Wednesday, May 6th

Thursday, May 7th


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