Moorea Workshop

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The possibility to hold the workshop at the Gump Station of UC Berkeley has been confirmed.


Early June 2008 seems best because

  • it is in the dry season which runs from April to November
  • it is not in the high toursist season which starts end of June
  • it is after classes end at ETH in latre May


Core ALPS people

  • Uli Schoellwoeck
  • Matthias Troyer
  • Helmut Katzgraber
  • Simon Trebst
  • Adrian Feiguin
  • Synge Todo
  • Fabricio Albuquerque
  • Andreas Laeuchli
  • Philippe Corboz
  • Lode Pollet

Interested new participants

  • Massimo Boninsegni

Potential participants

  • Peter Young
  • Yrzakala