Moorea Workshop

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Simulation of lattice models: state of the art algorithms and high performance computing

  • Algorithms
    • Classical and quantum Monte Carlo algorithms
    • Parallel tempering and generalized ensembles
    • Density Matrix Renormalization Group methods
    • Diagonalization methods
    • Series expansions
  • High Performance Computing
    • Parallelization on massively parallel machines
    • Handling of large data sets
  • Data handling
    • Formats
    • Storage and Archiving
    • Data analysis
    • Visualization


The possibility to hold the workshop at the Gump Station of UC Berkeley has been confirmed.


Rationale for the location

Next year we will have ALPS participants in

  • Europe
  • China
  • japan
  • Australia
  • USA (California and new York)

We thus want to have workshops not only in Europe but also sometimes in locations more convenient for for the Pacific rim participants. Moorea is a convenient location with many convenient flights to the nearby Papeete airport, including but not restricted to

  • nonstop from
    • Los Angeles (8 hours)
    • New York (12 hours)
    • Sydney (8 hours)
    • Tokyo (9 hours)
  • direct connections with a refulelling stop from
    • Frankfurt (via Los Angeles, 22 hours)
    • Paris (via Los Angeles, 22 hours)
    • Santiago (via Easter Island, 12 hours)
  • connections with one change of airplane from
    • Brisbane
    • Hong Kong
    • Sao Paulo
    • Zurich


Early June 2008 seems best because

  • it is in the dry season which runs from April to November
  • it is not in the high toursist season which starts end of June
  • it is after classes which end at ETH in late May


Please add other potentially interested people both from ALPS and outside. We will define the program once we have a nice participant list of about 15 people.

In order to stay below the limit of 20 participants we will not yet announce it on the ALPS mailing list but will instead discuss the plans with the active participants of the June 2007 workshop. Participating in June 2007 guarantees a space in June 2008!

(*) unconfirmed

ALPS people

  • Matthias Troyer
  • Synge Todo
  • Simon Trebst
  • Adrian Feiguin
  • Lukas Gamper
  • Lode Pollet
  • Philippe Corboz
  • Emanuel Gull (*)
  • Uli Schoellwoeck (*)
  • Reinhard Noack (*)
  • Andreas Honecker (*)
  • Fabricio Albuquerque
  • Andreas Laeuchli (*)

Other participants

  • Helmut Katzgraber
  • Massimo Boninsegni (*)
  • Peter Young (*)
  • Florent Krzakala (*)
  • Alexander Hartmann (*)
  • Roger Melko (*)
  • Jeongnim Kim (*)
  • Thomas Maier (*)
  • Brigitte Surer (*)