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ALPS references

The ALPS project has been outlined in the following manuscript which now serves as the standard reference for the ALPS project:

The following list contains additional references for individual libraries and applications:

  • The scheduler library
  • The looper code
  • The SSE code


The following is a collection of talks on the ALPS project and talks from the user and developer workshops.

  • Talks from the tutorial at PSI (Sep. 2006)
  • ALPS Overview (M. Troyer)
  • Introduction to ALPS XML [[1]] [[2]] (S. Todo)
  • Exact Diagonalization (M. Troyer)
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo [[3]] (L. Pollet)
  • Quantum Monte Carlo [[4]] (F. Alet)

Papers citing the ALPS project


34) Philipp Werner and Andrew J. Millis
Efficient DMFT-simulation of the Holstein-Hubbard Model

33) Vassilis Tangoulis
Monte Carlo Studies of a MnII Molecular System with a 2D trellis layer coupled-ladder configuration
Phys. in press (2007)

32) A. Feiguin, S. Trebst, A. Ludwig, M. Troyer, A. Kitaev, Z. Wang, and M. Freedman
Interacting anyons in topological quantum liquids: The golden chain

31) Doron Bergman, Jason Alicea, Emanuel Gull, Simon Trebst, Leon Balents
Order by disorder and spiral spin liquid in frustrated diamond lattice antiferromagnets

30) Zengo Tsuboi
A note on the high temperature expansion of the density matrix for the isotropic Heisenberg chain
[8], to appear in Physica A

29) Philipp Werner and Andrew J. Millis
Doping-driven Mott transition in the one-band Hubbard model

28) Emanuel Gull, Philipp Werner, Andrew J. Millis, and Matthias Troyer
Performance analysis of continuous-time solvers for quantum impurity models

27) Karen Hallberg
New Trends in Density Matrix Renormalization
Phys. 55 5-6 (2006).

26) Simon Trebst, Philipp Werner, Matthias Troyer, Kirill Shtengel, and Chetan Nayak
Breakdown of a topological phase: Quantum phase transition in a loop gas model with tension

25) Fabien Alet, Yacine Ikhlef, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Gregoire Misguich, and Vincent Pasquier
Classical dimers with aligning interactions on the square lattice
Rev. E 74, 041124 (2006).

24) K.P. Schmidt, J. Dorier, A. Laeuchli, and F. Mila
Single-particle versus pair condensation of hard-core bosons with correlated hopping
Rev. B 74, 174508 (2006).

23) Corinna Kollath, Andreas Laeuchli, and Ehud Altman
Quench dynamics and non equilibrium phase diagram of the Bose-Hubbard model

22) Philipp Werner and Andrew J. Millis
Hybridization expansion impurity solver: General formulation and application to Kondo lattice and two-orbital models
Rev. B 74, 155107 (2006).

21) M. Lewenstein et al.
Ultracold atomic gases in optical lattices: Mimicking condensed matter physics and beyond

20) Synge Todo
Universal Reduction of Effective Coordination Number in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Ising Model
Rev. B 74, 104415 (2006).

19) Sergei L. Lukyanov and Philipp Werner
Universal scaling behavior of the single electron box in the strong tunneling limit
Stat. Mech. P11002 (2006).

18) B. Pedrini et al.
Quenching of the Haldane gap in LiVSi2O6 and related compounds
This paper cites a future release of the ALPS from the year 12005.

17) Gunnar Moller and R. Moessner
Artificial square ice and related dipolar nanoarrays
Rev. Lett. 96, 237202 (2006).

16) J. Wehr et al.
Disorder versus the Mermin-Wagner-Hohenberg Effect: From Classical Spin Systems to Ultracold Atomic Gases
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Unconventional continuous phase transition in a three dimensional dimer model
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Simulations of ultracold bosonic atoms in optical lattices with anharmonic traps
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Parity law of the singlet-triplet gap in graphitic ribbons
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d-wave resonating valence bond states of fermionic atoms in optical lattices
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0) Subir Sachdev, Philipp Werner, and Matthias Troyer
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