Welcome to the ALPS developer wiki

This site is meant as primary ALPS development coordination center. We can now use Trac to

  • track bugs,
  • plan and cooperate on new projects,
  • view the source code.

You need to log in to use almost all features. The usernames and passwords are identical to those for the Subversion repositories.


The ALPS repository is open and can be accessed at:

svn co

Starting Points


  • ETH -- HOWTOs and guides for the ETH group
  • Archive -- How to obtain the persistent file archive for Vistrails to speed up tutorials
  • CustomCMake -- How to build a CMake envirement for a custom application
  • AlpsPython -- How to use ALPS within Python
  • Plot3D -- How to make 3D plots
  • ALPS NGS Documentation -- Documentation of the new alps interfaces
  • NewDocumentation -- Development of new ALPS documentation

Guides and HOWTOs for the ETH computational physics groups

You always store things on the correct shelf..."

  • First you will need some accounts, see ETHAccounts
  • We have two subversion repositories for codes and paper sources, see Repositories.
  • Store your final data and beautiful figures on the archive disk?

Advanced builds

ALPS infrastructure

HDF 5 schemas

  • DiagHDF5Schhema -- the HDF5 schema for ED and DMRG spectra and measurements

Provenance discussion notes

Provenance Challenge 2011

To test our ability to provide provenance for our research and pin-point problems and shortcomings we have the Provenance Challenge 2011

ALPS developer meeting notes

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